Protection for wine lovers

What are wine condom(s)?

Well, for one thing, WINE CONDOM(s) are convenient, disposable, and HILARIOUS!

What? That was three things? Well here's another thing: WINE CONDOM(s) sit flush with the rim of the bottle. That may not sound like a big deal, but you'll appreciate it the next time you try and store an open wine bottle in your refrigerator.

Most wine stoppers on the market sit 1/2- 2 inches (or more) above the wine bottle rim.  The added height causes the following storage syndrome:  "Pain-In-The-Ass-Leans-To-The-Side-Which-Never-Quite-Fits-In-The-Refrigerator" syndrome.

Every bottle deserves safe sipping

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The most convenient form of protection

WINE CONDOM(s) stow comfortably in your pocket, wallet, or purse.  Pack and take 'em  ANYWHERE! They can be tossed in the trash along with empty bottle  so there’s no hassle keeping track of a bulky bottle stopper away from home.  But that doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. WINE CONDOM(s) can be used as many times as you like



Each WINE CONDOM package contains 6 reusable, tuxedo black wine bottle stoppers.

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